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PERIMETER PROTECTION... Outside your Home.

Managing pests around the exterior of the home is essential as it intercepts pests before they enter and harbor inside the home. Even the finest of homes can become infested with pests due to the complex nature of the home and constant pest pressures surrounding the home. Bi-monthly inspections and environmentally friendly applications to the pest entry points around the home's perimeter are critical to protecting your family and your home.

Careful inspections of the following Critical Control Points include:

  • Mulch beds - These areas provide a favorable habitat for a variety of pests to thrive including; Termites, Ants, Crickets, Spiders and Ticks.

  • Eaves & Door Entries - These areas provide protection for several pest to build nests and harbor such as; Spiders, Ants, and Wasps.

  • Siding - The areas where the siding ends on the foundation is the most critical pest entry point for crawling insect such as; Termites, Ants, Crickets, Spiders, Wasps and Rodents.

  • Foundation - The first 8" of the foundation should be cleared and readily visible for inspection for possible pest entry of Termites, Ants and Rodents.

  • Decks - The dark damp protected area beneath your deck provide a perfect habitat for many common pests including; Ants, Termites, Rodents, Spiders, Mosquitoes and Wasps.

  • Exterior Lights - At night especially during the warmer months the exterior lighting around the home attracts flying and crawling insects including; Spiders, Flies, Moths, Wasps and Beetles.

  • Utility Penetrations - Plumbing, Gas, Cable, Phone, and Electrical service lines coming into your home provide highways for many pests to enter your home including; Termites, Ants, Spiders, Rodents, Wasps and Crickets.

  • Fireplace - The areas where brick meets the woods or vinyl siding of the house provide good harborage and entry into your home for many common pests including; Termites, Ants, Silverfish, Spiders and Wasps.

  • Gutter - Clogged or damaged gutters can provide food/water source for many pests including; Ants, Wasps, Birds and Squirrels.


Treatments of the following Critical Control Points include;

Pest Entry Points - An environmentally friendly residual application is made to all of the potential pest entry points around the home's perimeter to include (but not limited to) the foundation, under the edges of siding, windows, doorways, eaves, decks, exterior lighting, utility penetrations. This will prevent/eliminate potential pest entry.

Exterior Perimeter - A natural boric acid granular bait application is made around the home's perimeter where most pests thrive in mulch beds, tall grass, high vegetation and trees. This reduces pest pressure around the home. 

Webstering - All spider/cob webs are physically removed by use of a "Webster" brush to eliminate unsightly spider webs and reduce infestations inside the home.

Exclusion - Based on a thorough inspection, potential pest entry points will be sealed with an exclusion material to prevent entry and or infestation indoors.

Rodent Bait Station - On the initial visit at least one exterior rodent bait station is installed around the perimeter of the home.  This station will be inspected, cleaned, signed & dated, and the rodenticide bait inside will be replaced on each bi-monthly visit. Reducing rodent populations outside the home will prevent potential rodent entry/infestations inside the home.


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