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Our Total Protection System is a comprehensive and responsible approach that allows you to take control of your pest needs while protecting your family, your home and the environment. The Total Protection System contains three key components that work together to provide total peace of mind.

Our TOTAL PROTECTION SYSTEM includes the installation of "Termi-Teller Stakes" Termite Monitoring Devices that are strategically placed in areas of conducive conditions around the perimeter of the home. These monitoring devices act as an early warning system as they can detect the presence of live active termites while they continuously and randomly forage for food (cellulose materials) in the soil around your home. e detection of termites before they enter the foundation of the home is critical. Once termites enter the home they may go undetected for many years causing significant damage to the structure of your home.

Managing pests on the exterior of the home is essential as it intercepts pests before they enter and harbor inside the home. Even the finest of homes can become infested with pests due to the complex nature of the home and constant pest pressures surrounding the home. Bi-monthly inspections and environmentally friendly applications to the pest entry points around the home's perimeter are critical to protecting your family and your home.

We know how important it is to you to protect your family. That's why TPS has designed an environmental-friendly pest management approach to controlling and eliminate pests inside of your home while protecting the health and safety of your family. These GREEN SOLUTIONS include thorough inspections, non-chemical integrated pest management methods and careful applications of materials only as needed.

Termites can enter your home through cracks as small as 1/32 of an inch. Termites infest almost 4 million homes per year and cause more than $5 billion in property damage per year. As you can see om this map the distribution of termites is throughout the United States. Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are considered to have "HEAVY" termite pressures. The best way to prevent termite infestations and the damage they will cause to your home is to have TERMITE PROTECTION before they enter.


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