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TERMITE PROTECTION... Under your Home.

Termites can enter your home through cracks as small as 1/32 of an inch. Termites infest almost 4 million homes per year and cause more than $5 billion in property damage per year. Distribution of termites is throughout the United States -- Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are considered to have "HEAVY" termite pressures. The best way to prevent termite infestations and the damage they will cause to your home is to have TERMITE PROTECTION before they enter.


Careful inspections of the following Critical Control Points include:

  • Basement/crawlspace - Finished or unfinished the basement/ crawlspace is the first place many pests enter the home. The complexity of plumbing pipes, electrical wires and heating & air conditioning ducts provides the perfect habitat for many pests especially Termites.

  • Garage - Slabs that abut the structure are very conducive for termite infestations. Attached garages normally abut the structure on two sides, making these a critical area to inspect. Open garages are cluttered with stored items, fixed drywall and fixed ceilings that make it possible for termites to enter the garage undetected.

  • Attic - Finished or unfinished attics can provide the perfect habitat for many pests including Termites. Termites can go undetected in the home all the way into the attic.

  • Bathrooms - New or old, all bathrooms present moisture problems through normal use and create potential pest problems such as Termites.

  • Mulch beds - These areas provide a favorable habitat for a variety of pests to thrive including Termites. Termites feed on cellulose materials or wood. Mulch is a cellulose material and provides thermal protection throughout the year, moisture and food for termites.

  • Foundation - The first 8" of the foundation should be cleared and readily visible for inspection for possible pest entry of Termites. Dense shrubbery, grass or mulch can provide an undetected path into your home.

  • Decks - The dark damp protected area beneath your deck provides a perfect habitat for many common pests including Termites.

  • Fireplace - The areas where brick meets the wood or vinyl siding of the house provide good harborage and entry into your home for many common pests including Termites.

  • Roof - Damaged or fatigued roof shingles can leak, trapping moisture and attracting many pests including Termites.

  • Gutter - Clogged or damaged gutters can provide a food/water source for many pests including Termites. The proper maintenance of moisture in and around the home is critical for the control of termites.


Treatments of the following Critical Control Points include;

Termite Treatments - Every home is thoroughly inspected for the presence or absences of subterranean termites. If termites are found we will carefully customize a treatment strategy utilizing the best technology available to us that will solve your immediate problem and protect your home in the future. We offer the best Termite Baiting System and Traditional Liquid Termiticide products for your home.


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